Alexandria Jones
SRMUN 2016 is over. It was a bitter sweet moment leaving the hotel yesterday, because I had the best time at my first conference. Everything about the experience excited me from the hotel to the caucusing to writing the papers. I can honestly say that this is an even that I will never forget. SRMUN has taught me many things while on this trip:
2- the other delegates are just like me; many have said that this was their first conference as well
3- sleep is prominent during those couple days at conference (and so is eating)
And 4- watching then acting upon will help you learn how the whole deal of Model UN goes.

Taking away my limited sleep and rushed meal times, SRMUN was slightly perfect. Watching and doing the way motions are passed made me feel like an actual delegate (I guess that was the point). Writing the papers in such suppress time made me feel like I had importance. And getting acquainted with other delegates of other Member States made me feel diplomatic.
SRMUN has only seen me once, but I would not hesitate to do another time. It was such a nice experience to have my lovely CC women accompany myself with our professor and advisor , Dr. Jones and Dr. Sharkey. I think that we can all come to the consensus that this conference was well worth the semester preparation and I personally wouldn’t have traded it for any other conference.


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