Jasmine Smith
Well the Model UN conference has come to an end I’m sad it’s over, I did not think I would have had as much fun as I did. It was a real learning experience for me I was able to voice my opinion and be heard even if it was something that everyone didn’t agree with we showed respect.

Thursday was when everything started I was so nervous because I did not know what to expect because I saw a microphone and a lot of people. However we had to represent Egypt so we just prepared for the ride. Then on Friday it was just a full day of cacusing and trying to get all of the working papers in so we can vote to determine the resolution papers..

And on the final day was a morning of debate, formal speeches, cacusing and trying to turned in all the final working papers. When we came back from lunch we voted for the resolution papers, which was my favorite part of the conference. But I am Happy to say my committee passed four resolution papers (yayyy!!!!)

So that was a success to know that I took part in something great. Overall this was a learning experience for me, I am more confident in my writing and public. And I want to thank everybody that was a part of making this trip possible.


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