The second day of the conference was exhausting. Our session started at 8:30am, and ended at 10pm. 13.5 hours with a few breaks for lunch and dinner to watch, interact and learn. They nicknamed this day “melt down Friday” to those that have experienced it before.
What I learned was to use patience in gathering information, in reading resolutions and in dealing with other delegates. Everyone carries an opinion and while they may not all have your opinion or the stance you have for your country, the view is similar amongst us all. We desire to do what is right for the country we represent. I have read many many resolutions that have all gone through 8 drafts before they were finalized. Even though I say this, there are more to be read and debated about tomorrow.
I can say this experience has been unique and will carry a substantial impact on me through the years. Tomorrow we will have our last day, and as we close I hope that this experience will have given a learning experience that is one of a kind to everyone involved.

Brandielee Marendo


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