Layal Issa

SRMUN concluded last night and it was such a bitter sweet moment to leave. The conference over all exceeded my expectations and I have learned so much from the three days at session. Diplomacy can be a very challenging thing sometimes when each country has its own agenda and wants to pass resolutions that reflect its needs but not other countries’ needs. Negotiation and compromise were the keys to a successful cooperation between Member States and I was more than happy when two of the resolutions I was a sponsor of got passed.
This conference has strengthened my desire to want a career in diplomacy and other related fields. There were so many highlights that I cannot think of one favorite thing about it. The caucusing was really fruitful but also challenging sometimes when you do not find sponsors or signatories for a working paper that you may think of. But eventually you will find a country that has similar interests and agrees to cooperate. The first session was kind of intimidating, but as time passed, I understood the procedure and started working diligently with other countries. It is all about your character, confidence, communication skills, and how persuasive you are.
I made really good friends from several different schools and met a lot of other international students. I loved seeing people our age engaged and serious about MUN because it gives me hope that this generation does care about the world and will fight for people’s rights when it can. Even with all that being said, I cannot explain enough my true feelings about the conference with words. Enriching and positive experience that I will never forget.


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