Destine Hicks
SRMUN has been yet another amazing experience. This particular year was my second time being a part of this esteemed delegation. Columbia College had the great pleasure of representing the government of Egypt, which was very challenging but an awesome experience. If I had to sum up what the Model UN program means to me it would be this, Model UN is the program that takes certain traditions and customs that you were not used to and makes them things that you know have to become familiar with. This program makes you aware of global issue which are very necessary to be a part of discussion in this day in time. We also learn how to work as a team and build friendships with students from all across the United States.
If I had to describe my experience this year, it would simply be that this was overall the best one. I was extremely grateful to have held the title of being Head Delegate. Being on the Security Council this year was such an honor and also kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Having to deal with unexpected crisis and having to be prompt in our response/resolution was so intriguing. It taught you how to be “quick on your feet” to make logical and relevant statements concerning the situation at hand. Also, it gives teamwork a good name with the many collaborations that have to be made in order for things to be finalized.
Even though this will be my last year, I will forever take what I’ve learned during my time being involved in this program with me. Model UN definitely leaves you with some necessary key characteristics that can be used in your everyday interactions.


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