Adeyemi Temiloluwah

SRMUN is now gone for good to be seen next year.. All the waking up early, learning several procedures, the not so good Chairs, the wonderful, funny and unique member states delegates, the unbearable yet bearable noise in my committee’s room; I miss all of it. During this short and meaningful days, I got to know people I had things in common which I never realized before that trip. I got some very important lessons from the Conference;
1. Diplomacy is not just placing your opinions out, it is being able to listen to other peoples opinions and understand the reason for such decisions.

2. It is also knowing how to agree, refuse opinions in a diplomatic and responsible way.

3. It is refusing to sign a resolution not because you hate what it states but you realize that it will not be of much benefit to the citizens of the nation you represent.

4. It is making friends with delegates of enemy nations. It is representing a nation while putting your own personal opinions at rest… I felt like this Conference made me a more decisive person.

At some point, I got really tired of caucusing because I had to work around and negotiate with other member states. As an Egypt delegate, I felt that most member states did not give us attention compared to other member states. I saw power play its role in every part of the conference. I also believe that is what happens in the United Nations. Nevertheless, It was a memorable and learning experience.

I want to really appreciate Dr. Jones, Dr. Sharkey, my colleagues and Columbia College for making this conference available. And a BIG THANK YOU to my one and only partner.. Alexandria. You were wonderful, helpful and encouraging..I hope to be your partner next year…


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