Peighton Davis

Before I got to SRMUN, I wasn’t nervous but anxious to see what we were going to do and how things were going to go. In class we spent a lot of time on our papers and editing them but I didn’t think that we would focus on them that much during the paper. The research was very helpful though and it was good going into the conference with an amazing amount of knowledge on my topic. Honestly, I didn’t focus on my partner’s topic so when it was time for her topic resolutions to caucused I wasn’t really sure what they were talking about. It annoyed me at first but then I talked to other delegates and they felt the same way. It wasn’t really a bad thing because I was able to discuss and kind of lead when we were on topic 2 ( my topic) and my partner was able to lead and discuss her topic when we got to it.
SRMUN was interesting because some of the Dias Chairs were amazing but some of them were annoying because they were kind of rude and awkward. In the opening ceremony, the presentation seemed out of order and it was hard to pay attention to them because they didn’t seem to understand that needed speak up and into the mic. It was good to be in the room with a majority of the students because we were able to find our groups and start talking and working. I honestly wish that we had one extra day because it felt like the last resolution session was rushed.
SRMUN is definitely an amazing experience and I hope to attend next year. I feel as though experience is one of the keys to success for SRMUN because students who have attended before were able to lead and help the first-timers and that is what I want to be able to do. I am really happy that I was able to work with this group at Columbia College and I hope that I can participate next year.


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