Second Day Thoughts

The second day of the conference was exhausting. Our session started at 8:30am, and ended at 10pm. 13.5 hours with a few breaks for lunch and dinner to watch, interact and learn. They nicknamed this day “melt down Friday” to those that have experienced it before.
What I learned was to use patience in gathering information, in reading resolutions and in dealing with other delegates. Everyone carries an opinion and while they may not all have your opinion or the stance you have for your country, the view is similar amongst us all. We desire to do what is right for the country we represent. I have read many many resolutions that have all gone through 8 drafts before they were finalized. Even though I say this, there are more to be read and debated about tomorrow.
I can say this experience has been unique and will carry a substantial impact on me through the years. Tomorrow we will have our last day, and as we close I hope that this experience will have given a learning experience that is one of a kind to everyone involved.

Brandielee Marendo


Starting Strong

Melanie Schramm
First day of the UN Model conference started out strong.The Delegate Preparation session was informative and helpful .Opening ceremony was encouraging and a testimony to all women that they have a voice to be heard. Our first day of session could not have been better ! I am looking forward for an awesome conference of caucusing and resolution finding to global issues.

Security Council

Destine Hicks
1 down, 2 to go. Today was a great first day at SRMUN Atlanta. In the security council we expounded upon a lot of crisis and produced some resolutions that are going to be further implemented as time progresses. What a great pleasure it is this year to be representing Egypt!


Marendo, Brandielee
My experience for the first day has been exhilarating. We are finally able to implement the knowledge that we have been gathering in order to represent our country in the best way possible. The training sessions were informative, but being able to actually participate in caucusing, defending and presenting our position on disarmament and technology was more educational because we have been anxious to use the information we have been assembling for weeks. Overall, it has been a influential. I hope to be able to use this experience towards my future goals.

Work Finished for the Night!

Peighton Davis
First committee sessions concluded for the evening not to long ago and it was very interesting. I am in the Environmental Committee and we have one of the largest groups in the conference. We spent a lot of time caucusing. The most effective caucusing was definitely unmoderated because it allowed us to find our allies, other member states and larger countries that want to help and support our future plans. We, Egypt, joined a large group of countries and we are all collaborating on a resolution that will hopefully benefit every country involved.
I am looking forward to the sessions tomorrow.

Amazing First Night

Nebal Abu Abdo
Today was an amazing way to start off the conference! As delegates we had the opportunity to participate in our first sessions today and apply what we have learned from our research. I had the opportunity to collaborate with various countries and we are currently working on our drafts for our resolutions. Great first day at the conference!

First Night of Committee Work: To Speak or Not to Speak?

It is very daunting and intimidating the first night. You usually just sit there, take it all in, see what others are speaking about and get a little more comfortable with your¬†surroundings. Usually by tomorrow, most delegates have met the other ‘regional’ groups and know what the first topic will be. ¬†Some committees like the Security Council is small in nature, and others like the General Assembly are the largest.

Our committees are:

General Assembly (GA) Plenary

GA First

UN Environmental Assembly

UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Group of 77

Organization for Islamic Cooperation

Security Council

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Opening Ceremony of SRMUN:Keynote Speaker Consul General Louise Blaise of Canada

The ballroom was filled to capacity to hear the Canadian Consul General, Louise Blais speak. She specifically spoke to the young women in the room. Her message was quite simple, be authentic and listen. It is NOT the ‘issue’ it is the person/people. Good advice our delegates have taken to heart.


L-R: Brandielee and Melanie



L-R: Alex, Peighton, Nebal, Layal, Kamayah


L-R: Brittany and Jasmine


Ballroom filled to capacity to hear the Keynote Speaker


Keynote Speaker Canadian Consul General Louise Blaise